Monday, November 19, 2007

miram, vex

This piece is of Miram and Vex, an angel-devil pair that make up a Conscience. Miram is the devil of the two. Her generally sweet, childish deposition belies a tendency of self-indulgence and a sadistic streak a mile wide. On the other hand, Vex, the angel, is a no-nonsense, often cranky character; most of the time, she comes off as bitchy. She needs to be, though, to keep Miram in line.

Miram and Vex are the same age, born/created at the same time: two millenias old, give or take several centuries. As a Conscience, each wears the other's wings (as earrings, in this case) to signify their partnership. - One other surefire way to tell who's the devil or angel: the crossi ('crosses' being the technical term) on their neck. Yes, the cross on Miram's neck is inverted.

Miram and Vex are also mine, so please don't steal them.

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