Monday, May 17, 2010


Summer Resolutions. I will (try to):

- Draw more.
- Finish what I start to draw.
- And if not, put my WIP in one fuckmassive dump.
- Get better with coloring, traditional and/or digital.
- Practice more poses. And clothes.
- Clean out and catch up with inbox. B<;
- Comment more!
- Focus better. Or something.
- Set up some really quick, really easy, really cheap commissions for
some spending money for the NY ComicCon/AnimeFestival~~8V
- Consider drawing, er, "skin-bonding" for money (but charge more for it...)

- Get a learner's permit.
- Learn CPR. Or something.
- Volunteer at a hospital again.
- Donate blood to find out my blood type once and for all, gdi.
- Hang out with RL friends more.

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