Friday, June 25, 2010

some 5 wips

- pen: yuppie
- pen+fam, pentokial: karaoke/giants
- pentoki: diner

-milovoo: sneak shot

-new OC: ariel

pencilwork needs work, hahaha. and needs inking, too.

ariel: used to be a male-exclusive name, though i've forgotten where I heard that. i thought it was funny to name an arsonist "Ariel".
-teenager, maybe 16; face looks mature, but his mind and the rest of his body have yet to catch up.
-contract arsonist; mostly incinerates large piles of dead bodies. (i was watching zombieland when i came up with him.)
-has a mask/air filter in order not to breath in, you know, smoke and human ashes.
-why do most of my xy-OCs have long hair...? orz

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